Myths and Stories surrounding Cashmere/Pashmina Shawls


In an anonymous text of 1875, it is written that “the transparent veil worn by the Mona Lisa is in reality on of those earlier Kashmeer fabrics that could be drawn through a lady’s ring as a test of its fineness”.

It could actually be a cashmere shawl or even a Dhaka muslin. The so called ‘ring shawls’ are actually not all that rare. Any fine and loosely woven cashmere shawl/scarf can be pulled through the average wedding ring.

The ring test, by the way, as proof of fineness and delicacy of a material is not peculiar to Kashmir. It is applied to the shawls of Shetand, Russian Orenburg shawls and the same test traditionally is used for the fine textiles in Malaysia and Indonesia!

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