Emerald Scarves for Women

emerald wool scarf for women

Emerald with Bluish Overtones

Emerald – the name is derived from the Greek World ‘smaragdus’ or ‘smaragdos’ meaning green!

The beautiful emerald ranges from yellow green to blue green.  Whereas the color green itself symbolizes growth, life, renewal, regeneration, the touch of  blue lends some mystery, some peppiness to it.  And its intermixing with yellow tones it down to be more earthy and soothing.

Emerald is the ruling color for the year 2013; all apparel, accessory and furnishing and jewelery designers racing to include it in their collection.  Some are going all the way green emerald , whereas some are trying to use it as an accent color.   Becoz emerald all the way in a big sheet or a huge wall can be too overbearing.

Emerald is also being referred to as ‘the stone of Venus’.  It is primarily a green variety of beryl, a mineral which comes in many other colors, that are sometimes also used as gems, such as a blue aquamarine, yellow heliodor, pink morganite and colorless goshenite.

Check out the spring/summer colors on http://www.laffairecashmere.com…….there are limes, salmons, white based animal prints, ice blues and greens.

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